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Mindfulness has arrived in our East Orange School Schools! In September, several of our Gordon Parks Academy teachers were trained to teach mindfulness to our students. Zensational Kids Allison Morgan trained E.O. teachers across the district from the preschool level through High School. Movement and yoga are also incorporated into the lessons.



Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention. Through the practice of mindfulness, our students learn new skills to build their ability to focus. Focus and attention are important in everything that we do! The ability to pay attention is truly an essential life skill. Mindfulness can also help students with impulse control. The practice of mindfulness can be applied to any experience: sensations in the body, emotional experience, thoughts, sights or sounds.


Ms. Stock’s class photos:


Mindful students in Ms. Stock’s class take turns leading in mindful listening and breathing activities. Mindfulness helps to teach self-regulation, and develops the ability to pay attention. Our students also participate in the practice of yoga. Yoga allows students to move and to develop body awareness. They learn to notice their bodies and their breathing patterns, which are an important part of mindfulness. The children are learning to understand and to manage their own emotions. Mindfulness also encompasses heartfulness, which teaches students compassion and gratitude, self-love and self-respect.


“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung