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A Message to our Parents

Dear Gordon Parks Parents,

My vision for this year is that every student at Gordon Parks Academy receives a thorough education.  Every child who comes in through our doors deserves nothing less and will receive nothing less.  We have a committed staff that works hard and enjoy what they do.  They are here everyday to make sure all the students receive an education. 

We are looking for you the parents to support us as well.  We are asking that your child attends school everyday.  We expect them to be here in body and in mind.  We expect that they understand, as I am sure you want, an education is vital to their future.

Every student in our school is expected to read.  We are expecting our students to read a minimum of 30 books by the end of the school year.  We call this our “30 Book Campaign”.  Every child, regardless of the grade, does read.  And every child will receive paperwork, a book report...something to do that they could turn in to receive credit for their book.  So parents we are asking you every night, regardless of what other homework your child has, on top of that homework (not instead of the the homework) that your child reads a minimum of 20 minutes.  If they read 20 minutes a night, I guarantee that they will read 30 books in the school year.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday included.

Have a healthy, prosperous and bountiful school year

A vieo message from Dr. Sharon Alsbrook-Davis, Principal



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